Web links

A search for Carausius on the internet usually brings up two things. First of all it identifies internet based coin dealers selling coins of Carausius, secondly it returns results for the Carausius morosus or similar, species of stick insect!

Below are web links that offer a little more than coins for sale, either galleries of coins or articles on Carausius (and Allectus) that are worthwhile exploring:

  • Ken Elks‘ Carausius informative pages can be found here.
  • Wildwinds is a web based database of coins sold on the net, primarily from Ebay. Click the emperor’s name for the appropriate database listing: Carausius; Allectus.
  • Forum Ancient Coins is an American dealer with a large discussion group. Members can post galleries of coins and a large Carausius gallery can be found here. There is also a small Allectus gallery to be found here.
  • Also on FORVM there are “NUMISWIKI” pages and the one for Carausius can be found here.

  • Finally on this site an article on the innovation in Carausius’ coinage with the MARTI FAVTORI reverse can be found.

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