My published works

I have, over the years, published a number of works on the coinage of the third century. Below is a bibliography of those works and I intend to make most of them available as pdf downloads from this page. This is a work in progress so please keep checking for updates.

Aspects of the Relationship between the Central and Gallic Empires in the mid to late Third Century AD BAR Int Ser 963 (2001)

‘An unpublished antoninianus of the Emperor Aurelian’ Numismatic Circular 99 (1991) p.186

‘An unrecorded Constantinian London mint type’ Numismatic Circular 101 (1993) p.196

‘Tetrican epigraphy – some thoughts’ Numismatic Circular 103 (1995) p.261

‘Claudius II altar types’ Numismatic Circular 104 (1996) p.6

‘The XXI coinage of Aurelian et al’ Numismatic Circular 104 (1996) p.84

‘MARTI FAVTORI – innovation or copy’ Yorkshire Numismatic Society Coin Fair Brochure (1999)

‘An anonymous radiate with the bust of Carausius’ Numismatic Circular 109 (2001) p.92

‘A second TETVS AVG (sic) coin from the “RSR” mint’ Numismatic Circular 110 (2002) p.61 (an error at the printers attributes this paper to a third party, a correction printed p.115)

‘Two new antoniniani or aureliani of Carausius’ Numismatic Circular 112 (2004) pp.377-8

‘The Coinage of Carausius and his Colleagues’ Numismatic Circular 117 (2009) pp.198-206

‘A Roman lead object with the impression of a radiate of Postumus’ Numismatic Circular 113 (2010) pp.69-70

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